Our Mission

Pittsford Youth Services, Inc. (PYS) is dedicated to providing youth and their families with confidential, professional and affordable social work services in the schools and Pittsford community. PYS strives to enhance social and emotional well-being through counseling, advocacy, educational programs and informational services.

Our Vision

Pittsford Youth Services will seek to build a community where every child feels valued and empowered. To that end, PYS will be the respected leader and provider of professional social work services for Pittsford youth and their families.

What We Do

  • Provide confidential social work services in the public and private Pittsford school systems and the PYS office.
  • Skill building psycho-educational groups such as Developing Social Skills for students in elementary schools.
  • Drug prevention education and intervention programs for youth
  • Parenting education programs
  • Specialized school support services
  • Specialized programming at the middle and high school levels

Issues Faced

  • Parent Separation
  • Anxiety
  • Hopelessness, helplessness
  • Depression, suicidal ideation / attempts
  • Use and abuse of alcohol, marijuana, over-the-counter
    cold medicine, inhalants, and other drugs.
  • Sudden loss, grief, trauma
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-mutilation, or self-injury, commonly referred
    to as "cutting"
  • Child abuse - sexual, physical, verbal, emotional
  • Truancy, absenteeism
  • Runaway youth / homeless
  • Mental illness - adult and youth
  • Academic stress
  • Peer Pressure


How can PYS help me and what services do you provide?

PYS has a staff of six licensed masters-level social workers (LMSW’s) who are trained to provide services to youth and their families who are in crisis and/or challenged by social/emotional issues both in and outside of the school setting. These issues can range from bullying, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, to changes in family life such as divorce or separation. Our social work services include counseling, advocacy, referral to appropriate agencies, informational and educational resources for students and parents.

How can I quickly access services for myself or my family?

You can email us at info@pittsfordyouthservices.org. We will make every effort to contact you within 24 hours.

How much does it cost?

Students are seen during the school day, if possible, at no cost to the family, as part of services provided by Pittsford Central Schools and St. Louis School. Counseling sessions are also offered privately to students and families at our offices at 35 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 208 at a very affordable rate of $50 /hour. If a family is unable to afford this amount, arrangements can be made to accommodate their ability to pay.

Do I have to live in Pittsford to be eligible?

PYS’s services are available to all those who live, but also work, worship or attend school in the Town of Pittsford.

News & Events

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Five Ways You Can Help
  • Become a Board member or Committee member. Contact Us for details.
  • Support the "Duck Derby" during PYS's 45th Anniversary year
  • Donate through the United Way by designating PYS as Donor Option #1851
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